Golovkin Win No Robbery

gennady golovkin

Reaction to the world middleweight championship fight was fierce with some  onlookers claiming that underdog Danny Jacobs had been robbed by the judges of the New York commission. It was a very close fight with more than one round being open to interpretation. The differing approaches made it an intriguing fight even if it didn’t develop into being the barnstormer that was expected from the two power punchers.

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However despite the valiant effort and brilliant tactical display from Jacobs I believe that the decision was ultimately a fair one and that Golovkin did enough to shade it. Their is a fair claim to say that the fight should have been scored a draw but for people to be calling it a robbery is simply not true and going way over the top.

For a challenger to dethrone a multiple belt champion they really need to take the belts and not nick them by the skin of the teeth. Jacobs was gaining credit for taking the odd clean shot from Golovkin that no fighters have previously been able to stand up to.

He was also impressing with his ability to nullify Golovkins attacks and evade punches. Whilst these attributes showed his defensive skill and boxing ability in abundance, they are not pointscoring elements. For me Jacobs offensive output fell a little way short for him to be considered as the victor. Whilst there’s no doubt he landed some hurtful shots on Gennady at no point in the fight did he have Golovkin hurt or rocked.

Golovkin on the other hand scored the knockdown in round four and landed the heavier shots through the fight. The official punch stats backed this up showing Gokovkin landed a higher percentage of his punches. He was also the agressor in every round.

This is no exercise in criticising Jacobs. He boxed extremely well and almost won. He had the perfect style and tactics by boxing on the back foot without running. He will fancy his chances in a rematch if it happens down the line. However in praising Jacobs it is easy to be too over critical of Golovkins performance. In a tight fight there can’t be claims of robbery, its not good for the sport.

Hopefully middleweight champions such as Billy Joe Saunders and even Canelo will now be tempted into signing to fight GGG after seeing him labour at times. I really don’t believe he has `been exposed`, he just fought an elite fellow champion in Jacobs but still found a way to win.

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