Hues of Fury

Hughie Fury may bare the tag of Tyson Fury’s little cousin but he looks to have the potential to be a better boxer than his fellow namesake and will soon be a seriously recognised name on the British domestic heavyweight scene.

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Hughie is keeping nice and active early on in his career and looking to rack up experience at a young age so far notching up 6 wins with 4 coming by way of knockout, showing that he has genuine power in his locker. A 235 lbs.6 ft. 6” boxer sounds pretty big but what’s more alarming for any rivals is that he is only 18 years old, so he has even more time to continue to get naturally stronger and bigger than he already is. There are suggestions that he believes he can become the youngest heavyweight champion in history and take Mike Tyson’s record but although I do agree he could become a future champion I just can’t see him getting the record especially if boxing politics gets in the way as we have so frequently seen.

Under the stewardship of Peter Fury his development should be progressed at the right pace and he will be keen to ensure he continues to focus on working on his boxing acumen unlike Tyson who often opts to go on crowd pleasing missions in Peter Fury’s absence from his corner and take unnecessary risks. If you are looking for a fighter to back early while they are rising, watch out for Hughie Fury.

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