Billy Joe Saunders V Gary O’ Sullivan

Someone’s ‘O’ has got to go in this showdown between two hungry undefeated fighters with almost identical records as Billy Joe Saunders meets Gary ‘The Spike’ O Sullivan at Wembley Arena on Saturday.

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Much like his Cue wielding namesake O’ Sullivan has finished off a large number of his opponents in swift fashion boasting ten knockouts from his sixteen straight victories so he obviously has a good punching power within his fighting arsenal. Given the fact that his record indicates he is a bit of a puncher there is really good value in the 11/2 odds being offered for an outright win especially when you consider they have almost identical records (16 and 17 wins respectively with 10 knockouts a piece) and it is a contest that has been described by promoter Frank Warren as a fifty- fifty fight.

The odds are definitely not reflective of that opinion. Billy Joe Saunders is the overwhelming favourite to win with odds of 1/9 on certainly representing a high risk for low returns. Such is the confidence in him that he is even odds on for the knockout with most bookmakers against an undefeated fighter with a higher knockout percentage than himself.

Maybe it is the fact that Warren has already lined BJS up with a September clash with another unbeaten rival in Matchroom Sports’ John Ryder at the Copperbox for the British title and wouldn’t have done so if he wasn’t quietly confident of a victory. Maybe Matthew Hall is a bench marker for their abilities. Both fighters have fought Matthew Hall recently and Spike O’ Sullivan by all accounts seem to be lucky to have got the decision in what was reportedly a close fight whereas BJS managed to conquer Hall in a more comprehensive manner albeit also over the distance as well.

Personally despite the undoubtedly good value in the odds being with O’ Sullivan I do think that Billy Joe Saunders is a more, well-rounded boxer with greater variety and speed to his work and for those reasons I can see him taking a unanimous points victory.

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