Price V Thompson II

Liverpool heavyweight David Price has his sights set firmly on redemption on Saturday night when he takes a second crack at American veteran Tony Thompson after his shock knockout defeat last time out.

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As with the first encounter there seems to be an air of confidence amongst both the bookmakers and boxing fraternity that Price will overcome the Thompson conundrum and whilst I am inclined to listen to the likes of former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world; Lennox Lewis – a man who knows about coming back from a knockout defeat- who is backing Price, there is not a great deal of value in the the odds for an outright or knockout win; he is the odds on favourite once more.

The most value in Price victory looks to be betting on him to win over the 12 by decision or technical decision with odds of 5/1 available. If Price and his team opt for a more measured and cautious approach on the basis of what happened in the first fight- when he embroiled himself in a close quarter exchange, he certainly possesses the boxing ability and physical attributes at 6ft 8″ to stick at range behind his long straight shots. This could well prove an astute bet although both Thompson and Price possess undoubted own knockout power.

Tony Thompson will be seeking a ‘Liverpool echo’ of his first performance and given the manner in which Price’s legs went walkabouts he will definitely have more confidence going into the clash. He has a wealth of experience to draw from and is a wiley operator but it seems highly likely that he will need another knockout stoppage in order to have his hand raised after the bell. 9/2 is available and after all, if he’s done it once why can’t he do it again?

What happened in the first fight is a fact of history and fans with objective reservations about Price shouldn’t be always be labelled as ‘haters’ by those who will just back someone regardless. Although I am still far from assured about his punch resistance, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to Price that he had a perforated eardrum that affected his balance and disorientated him. Price should have the ability to overcome the challenge and get his career back on the upward march again once more.

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