Pound for pound is a concept that can never be set in stone. Greatness can only be achieved over time so experience and career achievements are not in the criteria here. However, this is a list of six of the best that represents my pound for pound fighters as of this moment in time. 

1) Andre Ward – This is a guy who’s seen them all and beat them all. He’s cleaned the super middleweight division out over the course of the Super 6 tournament, comprehensively beating down the best one after the other, after the other. After beating Sergey Kovelev I will have no choice but to list him as number one.

2) Gennady Golovkin – This is going to be a controversial choice as the Kazakh assassin is yet to face the best around. However, he has all the top fighters running scared after blitzing through the middleweight division in such a destructive manner and cannot be blamed for these big fights not materialising.

3) Terence Crawford – This guy has an iron fist wrapped around the lightweight division. He has dealt with the best 140 pounders such as Gamboa and Postol with consummate ease and may have to look at stepping up to 147 to get some blockbuster fights.

4) Sergey Kovalev – The Krusher has one of the highest knockout ratios in the game and has a merciless aura in the ring. He hasn’t just won titles he’s ripped them away from the champions. Many experts thought he won the fight against Ward so he retains his place in the top five.

5) Saul Alvarez – Canelo is one of the biggest stars in the game right now. He has only lost once to the now retired Floyd Mayweather Jr but each year he gets closer to entering his prime. If he stops running from Golovkin we can finally find out who the best is. Despite the fact he has operated at a weight division lower than Golovkin the weight he enters the ring at is very similar.

6) Guillermo Rigondeaux – There will be many in the game that would rate El Chacal as the best. His boxing skills certainly cannot be questioned but the fact that the super bantamweight fighter is not in a blue ribbon division means that he suffers through no fault of his own.