5 fundamentals of football betting

Here are a few of the basics that you can consider if you are looking to try and make some additional money by betting on football.

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The first tip is the most glaringly obvious and may seem just like common sense. But ‘common sense is not always so common’ in football as Louis Van Gaal stated in a recent press conference. The same too is apparent when it comes to the majority of football punters.

Try to maintain an objective stance in relation to the teams you are betting on or against. Most football bettors are avid football supporters, passionate and subjective about their club whether optimistic or pessimistic. Don’t bet against your derby rivals just because you hate them and don’t bet against a club just because they beat you in the 1998 playoff finals and you still haven’t forgiven them! Go with your head and not with your heart. If at first you need to avoid certain teams that you know you simply cannot break your biased towards or against then do so.

It is also helpful to use stats and read team news to help inform your decision making. Certain clubs will be reliant on a few key players for example and injuries as well as new signings can and often have an impact on results. Sometimes teams play well against particular teams and it can be down to style of play. Stats aren’t the be all and end all but mathematic models can only take you so far. Without a doubt utilising your key knowledge of a team and players will help in the long term.

The key to winning football bets on a more consistent basis is a long term approach to your betting. This means trying to win small percentage profits on a regular basis which overtime can accumulate into a handy overall yield. Think of it as an investment rather than gambling and your winnings as a return on your investment. 10 percent return as an investment for example seems a lot better feat than looking at your winnings as a number in its own right.

A long term approach also means that you should not be staking too much each time. You need to stay in control by setting an amount of money that you can potentially afford to lose given the worst case scenario. For sure it’s guaranteed you will have losing runs and lose points but if you are staking wisely and following the fundamentals it’s really unlikely that you will lose all your money that you set aside to use. You should only be using 1-5% of your bankroll or overall betting budget at one time based on your confidence level.

Here is one of the most important tips. Make the easy effort to get the best price. Bookmaker’s odds vary so betting with the same bookmaker every time could be costing you a handy percentage profit over time. To get your bet on at the best price, bet online and get an account set up at a range of different bookmakers and betting exchanges. You can review and choose an array of bookmakers and exchanges on our free bets page. You will also be able to make use of all the free bet offers that are offered to new customers.

Finally, be sure to seek value in the odds. Search for odds where you think that they are bigger than they really ought to be. For sure bookmakers nearly always win because they balance it off on the other side of the bet but that’s not to say that they don’t price teams/events up slightly wrong occasionally giving you opportunity to make a good bet.

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