Asian Handicap Explained

What is the Asian Handicap?

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The Asian is one of the most popular ways to bet in the far East and has become increasingly popular in the UK with more bookmakers offering the Asian Handicap markets. It essentially seeks to make the match in question an even contest by handicapping. The Asian Handicap gives the underdog a certain amount of goals advantage. The key point is that the draw is removed from a standard Asian Handicap meaning that there are two outcomes from the bet.  You can either choose to underdog to overperform or the favourite to beat the underdog convincingly.

What are the benefits of Asian Handicaps?

You are only betting on the home team or the away team. The draw is eliminated meaning that you have a better chance than with standard match betting markets. The nature of an Asian Handicap also means that even if your team loses you can still win your bet.

What is a full goal handicap?

An example of a full goal handicap could be a game between Manchester United (-1) and West Brom (+1). In this example of a one-goal handicap Arsenal are favourites and West Brom the underdogs.

If we decided to back Manchester United -1 then then the following outcomes would mean…

  • If Manchester United win the game by a two goal margin we win our bet.
  • If Manchester United only win by a one goal margin we get our stake returned.
  • If Manchester United draw the game we lose out bet.

What is a half-goal handicap?

Using the same example as above Manchester United (-0.5) and West Brom (+0.5)

If we decided to back Manchester United then our starting position before the game kicks off would be Man Utd 0 – 0.5 West Brom. In the event of a 1-0 win for Manchester United we would win our bet.

The half-goal handicap is great if you fancy betting on an outsider as the outsider recieves the 0.5 meaning that a draw would mean no loss.

What is a quarter-goal handicap?

The most confusing type of Asian Handicap for sure. Seen less often, usually when there is a very close contest between two teams for example, Chelsea (-0.25) and Manchester City (+0.25). W will back Chelsea for our example.

In this instance half your stake goes on a 0 goal handicap whilst the other half on a 0.5 goal handicap. With regards to our example Chelsea (-0.25) and Manchester City (+0.25) meaning that before the game starts half our stake is wagered on Chelsea 0 – 0 Man City and half is wagered on Chelsea 0 – 0.5 Man City.

In the event of  a Chelsea 1-0 win we would win both parts of the bet. Ok, and what about if the game ends a draw? Well, we are returned half our stake for the part of the bet which was on the 0-0, however, we lose the part of the bet that gave Man City a head start; Chelsea 0 – 0.5 Man City.

Which bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting?

Below is a list of bookmakers who offer Asian Handicap markets:

  • bet365
  • 188 Bet
  • Pinaccle


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