Wilder vs Joshua

Breakdown of Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

In 2018 Deontay Wilder versus Anthony Joshua is the fight that everyone wants to see. It has all the ingredients to deliver a drama filled mega-fight. The bout would match two giant men, six foot six and six foot seven respectively. Both have an abundance of knockout power. It pits the UK versus USA. And to add to the explosive mix; both men have shown defensive vulnerability. So who really deserves the status as the favourite going into the fight?

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The fight records

Wilder AKA ‘The Bronze Bomber’ has more wins and knockouts but he has had a much slower progression through the professional ranks. His record has been padded with some really poor fighters which degrades his reputation on the global scene. Consider this; he beat journeyman Jason Gavern in his 32nd fight as a pro, a boxer with a heap of losses, whereas Joshua knocked him out in his 11th fight.

Joshua has the better record in terms of the quality of opponents. He has had three real fights when it comes to world level opposition. Vladimir Klitschko, Carlos Takam and Joseph Parker.

Wilder’s only noteworthy win is against Luis Ortiz – a quality operator but an old man who was past his best at 39 years of age. Nevertheless, it was a good win against a dangerous man and beating Luis Ortiz, Wilder finally proved his legitimacy as a genuine champion.

Edge: Joshua

Amateur pedigree

Wilder’s ring-name the Bronze Bomber originates partly from his exploits at the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 where he won the bronze medal. He coined ‘The Bronze Bomber’ after the great Joe Louis who was known as ‘The Brown Bomber’.

Joshua however won a gold medal at his home Olympics in 2012 conquering the likes of 2008 Olympic champion Roberto Cammarelle.

Whilst both boxers started late in the sport and made rapid progress through the amateurs neither has extensive amateur experience in terms of the number of fights. However, there is no doubt gold trumps bronze.

Edge: Joshua

KO Power

Both men have KO power in abundance as their impeccable records indicate. However, many top experts in the game have gone on record to say they think that whilst Joshua is physically stronger and heavy handed, the American has the more concussive one punch power which is aided by his unpredictability and the fact his wild punches are hard to see coming.

Edge: Wilder


Both Wilder and Joshua overcame adversity and snatched victories from the jaws of defeat in their biggest fights against Ortiz and Klitschko respectively. Both have shown they can be hurt badly when caught clean. However, both showed they have the strength and will to drive through being hurt.

Edge: Draw

In my opinion Joshua as the better refined boxer has the slight edge. Having said that, there is a clear case for both fighters because Wilder is unpredictable and possesses the equaliser in his right hand. When all factors are considered, both possess the ability to win the fight. It will come down to who executes best on the night.

Realistically due a total lack of depth to the division on the world stage it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the two could go toe to toe more than once. All the best fighters in history needed ‘dance partners’ to enhance their exploits in the squared circle and bring the best out of them. Of course, it would be dependent on how good the first fight is and the manner of the victory/ defeat for either fighter.

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