Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman

Saturday, 4th March, 2017, Location: TBA

Danny Garcia

WBC champion of the world Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia goes head to head with WBA champion Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman in a welterweight unification clash on 4th March.

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Someone’s O has to go! Its a phrase that all boxing fans love because it means that two undefeated fighters are about to lay it all on the line. With sixty professional wins between them with a combined 41 knockouts this fight has all the ingredients to be an absolute thriller.

Two weight world champion Danny Garcia is one of the most underrated, discredited fighters in the sport. Danny’s outspoken father Angel Garcia is always keen to point out that he feels his fighter has recieved a lack of credit for his achievements and he certainly has a case.

Many in the boxing community have criticised him for picking weak opponents but Danny’s list of opponents includes a string of world class fighters: Khan, Morales, Judah, Matthysse, Peterson , Malignaggi and Guerrero have all fallen on their swords against Garcia. He has faced very capable operators and dealt with them mostly with ease even if they have not been big star names.

Lets not forget he took on Matthysse when everyone was talking about him like he was a killer. He stepped up when others wouldn’t and he is stepping up to the mark again.  

His opponent Keith Thurman has looked equally impressive in his rise to prominence and his close win over ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter proved that he is the real deal and confirmed his place amongst the divisions elite fighters. He claimed victory via a unanimous points decision and although some dispute the outcome I think Thurman was deserving of the win.

Thurman hits hard theres no doubt about that. It’s the reason why he has been one of the most avoided fighters in the sport. He has a fluidity to his punching that allows him to whip shots in with great speed and power.

He is longer and straighter with his punches in general and has the ability to box from range with his movement. However he is more of a boxer- puncher; he mixes it up really well. I have no doubt that he will want to mix it up in the exchanges from time to time.

However this could be a dangerous move. I’m yet to see a fighter who has been able to beat Garcia in the exchanges. He is very compact with his punches and throws a killer left hook which both Morales and Amir Khan fell victim to and switches well from body to head. As the saying goes; you don’t hook with a hooker.

On the face of it Danny doesn’t appear to have any one spectacular aspect to his boxing but he is extremely adept at performing some of the subtler techniques. He may not have flashy speed or a destructive looking KO percentage but Danny’s timing and distance control is top quality and there’s no doubt he has knockout power in both hands.

Both fighters aged 28 are now in their prime. Its rare in boxing that you get to see two quality undefeated champions face off against each other in their primes so this is a really intriguing match up.

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