Josh Taylor vs Ohara Davies

Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, 8th July

ohara davies

Two of Britain’s brightest super lightweight prospects go head to head in what could develop into a pulsating clash. The ‘tartan tornado’, Scotland’s Josh Taylor, takes on London’s Ohara ‘two tanks’ Davies at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland on the 8th July.

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There is a healthy professional rivalry brewing between the Mcguigan’s cyclone promotions and Matchroom sports Eddie Hearn which will only serve to stoke the fire between these two contenders in the ring.

Taylor was a standout amateur who represented team GB. He won a gold medal at the commonwealth games in 2014 and reached the quarter final stage of the 2012 Olympic games in London. He has been moved along swiftly as a pro having already won the Commonwealth title in just his 9th contest. A classy boxer, the Scotsman possesses razor sharp handspeed with some flashy combinations at his disposal.

Ohara Davies by contrast is the epitome of the well told story of the kid from the streets fighting his way from nothing. He is physically strong and is at the point in his career where he is hungry.

He has riled fighters left right and centre with his somewhat ostentacious approach to his professional career. Some tasteless comments have proved too much for some to stomach but talking aside the kid is a character and he is full of hunger and ambition to succeed in the sport. A hungry fighter is always a dangerous fighter.

His destruction of Derry Mathews a really solid and experienced domestic fighter laid down a big marker to his divisional rivals and proved that he really does have fight to back up his talk. It was the first indication of the sort of potential Ohara possesses.

By comparison, he is raw and much less refined in his boxing ability. Davies turned over quickly to the pro ranks. As an amateur he was unbeaten with an impressive 18W-0L record. However 18 fights is not a lot of fights so he turned over relatively inexperienced.

His record currently stands at 15W 0L with 12 wins coming via knockout. Naturally very heavy handed, he has very long arms for his height making him a very awkward and dangerous opponent. With his long arms he generates a lot of leverage and he also has a really long jab.

Taylor will have to be careful with judging distance especially as he is used to having reach advantage himself. The fact that Taylor is tall for the weight standing at approximately 5ft 10 should help him negate this advantage of Ohara’s but nevertheless he may not have the reach advantage he expects.

Taylor also has power at his disposal having stopped 8 of his 9 opponents but his work is more sharp and accurate as opposed to heavy and concussive. I would predict he will want to zip in and and of range and let rip fast combinations.

Davies footwork is not great. He needs time to plant his feet and set up his attacks so footwork will be a key to victory for Taylor. He wont want to be caught lingering in range. He will want to tee off or move out of range before his opponent can launch his attack.  

Ohara on the other hand will want to drag him into the trenches.  He will prefer it if Taylor holds his feet. If he can draw him into exchanging fire with fire he has a chance to land a wide, winging power shot.

Whilst the more diverse skills, combination punching  and hand speed of Taylor gives him the edge going into this clash, he simply cannot afford to overlook a hungry, heavy handed and awkward fighter in Ohara Davis who is certainly capable of hurting him providing he is able to land. Shane Mcguigan, one of the boxing world’s star trainers has gone on record to dismiss Ohara. However behind closed doors he will no doubt know that his charge will have to be 100% concentrated to execute a smart game plan.

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