Wimbledon 2013 Preview

TENNIS SPThe biggest tennis tournament is back, well not quite… Arguably the biggest of the four slams, Wimbledon, kicks off on Monday June 24th. The tournament represents the few weeks in the year where the public will be glued to their screens and Murray will be the key figure on the back pages of all the papers.

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Will Murray finally take that last step and win Wimbledon catapulting him to legend status and most likely netting him a sports personality of the year award for his efforts? Or will it be another close call and back to the drawing board until next year.

The majority will be backing Murray with feverish levels of optimism and rightly so, he was runner up last year and is certainly capable of beating the other top players. The only hindering factor this year seems to be that he was forced to rule himself out of the French Open with a back injury and whilst it was a smart move which optimizes his chances of performing well at Wimbledon, it certainly isn’t perfect. However, even given this you would still expect him to progress to the latter stages of the tournament. He’s been very consistent over the last year and disposes the ‘lesser’ players with consummate ease much of the time these days.

Wimbledon is generally a tournament that tends to be dominated by the top players much in the same way the premier league is dominated by the top four sides.

The past 5 winners:

  • 2008 Nadal
  • 2009 Federer
  • 2010 Nadal
  • 2011 Djokovic
  • 2012 Federer



So as the above highlights you’d very much expect one of the ‘top four’ to win this year, that’s not to say there won’t be value when it comes to picking a long shot to progress well in the tournament, David Ferrer, for instance has been marked as a 100/1 shot. Although not likely to win he’s certainly a player you can see popping up in a quarter final. Del Potro 66/1 and Jo Wilfred Tsonga 25/1 are also interesting players from a betting perspective with all three capable of a stringing a run together.

Federer may be the one to oppose out of the top four for any brave enough to bet against a player boasting 7 Wimbledon wins on his resume. Despite winning last year his more recent form has been less spectacular. He’s certainly still capable of pulling another win out the bag but with Murray Djokovic and Nadal all in their prime years it may be one of the latter trio who succeed.

Our first pick is to back David Ferrer at 100/1. Whilst definitely not expecting a win he could potentially become available to lay on the exchanges at a much shorter price. Given the long price this is incredibly low risk. Our main pick will be a dutch bet of Djokovic and Nadal. Should either of these win this will return 85.93% which is certainly possible!

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