Most boxing coaches will tell you that the heavy bag is no good for developing technique and they are right. Anyone can look good bashing up a heavybag but the heavybag doesn’t hit you back.

Working the heavy bag does however develop your conditioning and stamina. Stamina is an important attribute for boxing because it helps you to retain power later into a bout.

This session is essentially a form of high intensity interval training. Interval training for those who don’t already know is a a session in which you combine periods of intense workload with periods of recovery in between.

Its a super simple session but very effective and it will also help you burn a shed load of calories if you are just looking to lose body fat and reduce your bodyweight.

Start with 1 minute on the bag followed by a one minute rest. Repeat this on and off process until you have done the requisite amount of rounds.

Start off with 6 rounds and as you increase you fitness up the number of rounds. Eventually you want to try and complete a full 12 rounds of this. It is important to be strict with your timing on your recovery breaks in order to gain the full effect.

If you are not already superfit then you should find this session quite hard. You need to be constantly throwing shots and moving around the bag in your correct stance with your guard up as if you are replicating being in the ring.

However for non-boxers looking to lose weight it is much more important that you throw lots of shots constantly in order to maximise calorie burn.    

Boxers who find this easy can then step it up so that they are working in the recovery breaks. You can turn this into a full body stamina workout by jumping up and down on a foam based mat in between rounds on the bag. This will really sap the enery from your legs and only very fit individuals will manage this.  

Other ways of progressing the workout are to simply decrese the recovery time between rounds or increase the time on the bag but generally 1 minute on each is a good place to start.